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simply be .

precious to spend 8 hours not enjoying what you are doing, 8 hours thinking about not enjoying what you are doing  and 8 hours dreaming about not enjoying what you are doing. I don't watch or read the news.  I find peace in nature... I hug trees.   I believe love simply is, with no degrees. I love to walk in the grass barefoot. My favorite word is "absolutely!" I am learning to turn my mind off... and simply be. I do not believe in chance… there is a reason and lesson behind everything. I believe there are times that you let things happen and times you make things happen. I love all things alive... I am vegetarian. I love with all that I am and all of my heart. I recycle, reuse, and donate... taking care of mother earth starts with me. I believe in aging gracefully. I like smiling and being around people who smile and find that most times a smile is returned with a smile. I believe titles and labels are meaningless, and refuse to listen to how others define me… I define myself. I believe in simplicity... the more stuff you have, the more time you spend taking care of stuff. I believe we each create our own reality. I simply am.

About Me

I like excitement without drama. I prefer to be on the sidelines… not the center of attention. I believe each moment is a gift. I believe if you are not passionate about how you make a living, you should do something else... life is too

pencils, markers, tissue paper, old school papers, old newspapers and magazines, copies of my journal, glitter, glue, structure gel, stencils, stamps, old jewelry, acrylic gemstones, embroidery floss, thread, colored wire, ribbon, beads, and bins of “stuff”. And then there is my digital world… Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, an Epson printer and scanner and my constant companion, the trusty Canon SLR.

pleasant experience for me. Many (many!) years later, I was exposed to Adobe Illustrator, and that was the birth of the artist within. It took many more years to work up the courage to get off the computer and get my hands dirty :)

SO, although I don’ t care for the confinement of labels, titles or definitions, my completed work falls under mixed media… or assemblages… or crafted… or… well, as I said I don’t like being defined… anything can happen! When you visit my shop you will find originals, metallic prints, ink prints.  I am experimenting with integrating my artwork with reclaimed objects. Oh, what fun!

I love to experiment! Surveying my studio I find a plethora of supplies!  India ink, spray dye, acrylics, watercolor, oil, pastels, chalk, crayons,

An Artist, I am!  An eloquent writer, I am not! I considered hiring a professional to write my bio, but couldn’t.  It just didn't feel "right". Artificial. Fraudulent.  After all, you are taking the time to visit me and my artwork, and you clicked on the About tab to find out more about me and my art.  So I ask, who knows more about me than me? Should I tell my story to someone and hope they get it right; that they convey the essence of who I am?  I opt out on that one.

I am pretty sure you will find the following full of grammatical and punctuation errors (I love using dot-dot-dot!) SO, without eloquence or further ado, and with my sincere apology here we go...

About My Art

I was not an artistic child. I cannot remember being discouraged by a teacher or adult… I was my own critic. As part of my college curriculum, I had to take an art class. Using pencil and paper, we drew objects. I quite distinctly remember a hand, a face, and a chair… it was not a 

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